Originally hails from Paris, France, but has spent the last few years in Avignon (Southern France). If anyone's ever been to Paris, you are likely very familiar with the plethora of incredible street art throughout the city. So, it only makes sense that this creative was drawn to the arts during his teenage years living here.   Reano took to the streets and got active with a focus on anything typography and sleeck graphism. His first love was tags, graffiti and lettering, through hip hop culture. Naturally later, few years ago, he desired to elevate his calligraphy mastery to the next level. From then on, his objective was to develop a truly unique craft and his own alphabet.   Motivated by the infinite ways to bend letter structures, and diligent to not get influenced by anyone else's style, he has developed a skillset that is so wildly meticulous and ornate, that it's nearly hypnotic. And recently, he managed to create volume using layers with abstract strokes to create volume by saturation. He choosed to honored in first place beautiful artworks from famous sculptors artists like M. Shlian, M. Chambers and also R. Zweerman. He accurately tried to reproduce some of theirs artworks in order to magnified theirs sleeck shapes.